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Posted by JesseYagl on February 28th 2011

Google Claims Major Breakthrough In Energy Technology

Could a power conversion module really cut energy waste by 90 percent? Google's betting on it.

Transphorm, a southern California startup backed by Google Ventures and other investors, claims to have created an energy-saving technology that, when fully implemented, will save "the equivalent .....

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Posted by NickCulovic on February 28th 2011

2012 budget provides $8 billion for clean energy

President Barack Obama today proposed boosting funds for clean-energy research and deployment in his 2012 budget by slashing subsidies for fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal.

The budget would provide the Department of Energy with $29.5 billion for fiscal year 2012, up 4.2 percent from .....

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Posted by MattSelander on February 28th 2011

Recommended Resources

The team at Our Green Ohio has found some great resources to help you to go green.

Home Energy Saver - A great website that can help you save money! This site estimates how much energy you can save by making simple improvements to your home, whi.....

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