This website was created for the Business Professionals of America Web Application Design competition. We placed 3rd at the National Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. May 4th - 8th, 2011.

About Us

Our Team

The OurGreenOhio team is made of 3 members. We are all students of Mrs. Pruitt's Computer Networking academy at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. We have all done some web development in the past, and joined together to make OurGreenOhio possible.

Matthew Selander

Matt is a Senior at Twinsburg High School. He really enjoys technology and web scripting. He has never taken a Web Development class, but learned PHP and HTML on his own. He also enjoys working with the Drama Club behind the scenes as the sound technician. Matt is always working on a project, and enjoys overcoming challenges. He is A+ certified, and is well on his way to be a Cisco Certified Networking Associate(CCNA). Matt plans to attend Ashland University next year to further his knowledge of Information Technology.

Nick Culovic

Nick is a 12th grade senior at Garfield Heights High School. He also attends the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center as a Cisco Networking Academy student. Nick enjoys learning new things and in the case of this BPA competition, he learned more about css and HTML. He also enjoys technology and exploring how things work.

Jesse Yagl

Jesse is a senior at North Royalton High School in North Royalton, Ohio. He enjoys working with computers and technology. He plans to have a career in computer service technology.